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Not quite back from Gnomedex

While Marc, Gaurav and many others have made it home safely from Gnomedex, I'm still on the road :)

Gnomedex was cool - living on the other side of the world, I can't usually meet up with the people doing the interesting things, like you can if you live in the Bay Area. So it was nice to be able to say hi in person to Matt Mullenweg,

We've been to Las Vegas (2 nights) and New York City (4 nights) and are now up in Burlington, Vermont.

Finally I have some time to read the blogs and catch up with what's been going on in my absence. I definitely have to look more into Google Acccounts Auth. At first glance, it seems to be like the flickr auth system, although instead of the read/write/delete distinction, you request access to particular 'scopes', indicated by URLs. (Explanation: you can request different types of auth tokens from flickr: read, read/write, and read/write/delete. So if you just want to authenticate against flickr, like we do with PeepAgg, all you need is a 'read' token. If we could get a 'no privileges, just tell me that a user is logged in' token, that would be fine too. On the other hand, with Google you request access to something like Not quite sure whether read and write access (for example) are separated by URLs or not - will check this out later.

I see Tara's started blogging about PeopleAggregator. It'll be interesting to see what comes of our new relationship with Citizen Agency.

More when I have time!