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This is an archive of a long-dead site; it was something I made as part of a prolific blogging and hacking spree from 2002-2003 or so. It's unlikely that any of it still works! I can't bear to delete it all though; this was an important time in my life. So... enjoy!

An XML Weblog Browser

A Weblog Browser is a tool that lets you browse XML backups of bzero and Radio weblogs.


The first Weblog Browser was BlogBrowser by Brent Simmons, for Mac OS (screenshot). BlogGazer is Windows-only, although it's written in Python, which will make it a little easier to port to other operating systems. Pete Cole has written one that runs inside Internet Explorer (you can find it on his page of Zeepe Framework demos).

The 'BlogGazer' name is from Robert Barksdale.

More info on the backup format: Formats for Blog Browsers (Dave Winer).


Requires Windows and Internet Explorer 4.

Extract that and run browse.exe. Then drop me a line and tell me if it works or not.

Change log

v0.02 - Development snapshot of second alpha release (coming soon). Known issues:

Bugfixes since v0.01:

v0.01 - Initial alpha release (announcement | press). Current known issues:


BlogGazer includes Python, available from

BlogGazer includes wxPython, available from

BlogGazer includes Mark Hammond's Win32 extensions for Python, available from

BlogGazer uses Mark Nottingham's RSS parser, available from and released under the following license:

BlogGazer uses Brett Cannon's pure Python version of strptime, available from the Pythoncookbook:

Thanks to the Python team, the wxPython team, Mark, Mark and Brett.

Anyone else? Mail me if I forgot you :-)