myelin: bzero


bzero is a blogging tool. Yes, yet another one ;)

Out of the box, it:

You can see all these features in action on Second p0st, a bzero weblog.


This is a public beta. Expect things to break a bit. It's not quite done. Send me an e-mail when you try it out and tell me if it worked. If it fails to install, please tell me. Things like that need fixing.

That said, most things work fine. It's never lost a post for me!


First: Read the README! It's much more detailed. For a brief intro, read on:


Download the code for Python 2.2, Python 2.3 or Python 2.4, untar somewhere and run ./install in the newly-created directory:

Starting a new blog



This will make you a new blog. Now edit it and give it a decent name:

Edit the author and so on. When you want to post:

This will open your favourite editor with a blank entry. Edit it and:

This will send it to the server.


Installing somewhere other than /usr/lib/bzero

If you want to install bzero somewhere other than /usr/lib/bzero, you'll need to set the BZERO_LIB environment variable to tell it where its files are. For example, if you have unpacked the tarball into the directory /home/foo/bzero-0.19, you can get it to run with:

Changing the default editor

Whenever bzero needs to edit something, it will bring up your default editor. First it checks the EDITOR environment variable, then the VISUAL one, and if neither of those are set it will use /etc/alternatives/editor, or notepad.exe on Windows. If you want to get it to use a new editor, either make a symlink to it:

Or set your EDITOR variable:

On Windows:


Development version

Here is the README for the development version.

You can probably download the latest in-development code here (if there is any): Windows/Python2.2 | Windows/Python2.4 | UNIX/Python2.2 | UNIX/Python2.3 | UNIX/Python2.4