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You wouldn't believe how many people are crawling blogs and extracting stats. Here are some of the others, in no particular order:

Recommended Reading

This clever app grabs the links from your weblog front page, then looks through the ecosystem to see who they link to, and compiles a list of weblogs that might interest you. By Mark Pilgrim.


Like the ecosystem on steriods ... pretty much what we do here except more up to date, and giving you a bit more info on the links.

All Consuming

All Consuming runs a bot that crawls weblogs and looks for references to books on, then ranks them by number of references. It keeps track of when it 'noticed' the book links, and presents lists of books located in the last hour / last day / etc. By Erik Benson.

Book Watch

Operator of the obidos-bot (I think). The inspiration for All Consuming. Keeps track of the top 10 most-mentioned books (from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Powells) on weblogs listed on By Paul Bausch.


A mini-ecosystem of Spanish weblogs. Generated with the software developed here ;-)

Blogosphere Ecosystem

Notice the similarity? Yeah, N.Z. Bear got there first - this is where I blatantly stole the 'ecosystem' name from ;) This one's on holiday for the moment while the creator works on more important things. Stay tuned!


A similar sort of thing from Ask Bjorn Hansen, except in Perl, with a pretty hardcore crawler and with a more dynamic stats interface. Very pretty. Tallies all links, not just ones to blogs. By Ask Bjorn Hansen.


Same stats, reasonable-looking rankings, and some cool features: RSS autodetection, a blogroll link generator, and neighbourhood analysis to point you at related blogs. Also an attempt to parse blog HTML to find actual post content. Nice.


Crawling the 'living web' (blogs and news sites) daily to bring you a kick-ass search engine for current news. By Dan Chan.


The oldest (?) blog crawler and analysis system, from the MIT Media Lab. By Cameron Marlow.

- Phil