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This is the Community Server Wiki bus stop.

CommunityServerWiki is a wiki for discussion of CommunityServers, web servers for hosting groups and communities. Here, the term is generally taken to mean clones of UserLand's RadioCommunityServer. Take your time to look around.

The buses...

Famous sites to visit here at the CommunityServerWiki:

RidiculouslyEasyGroupForming: A proposal for a technical means to quickly form groups (of weblogs), centered around narrow topics.

PythonCommunityServer: The first working RadioCommunityServer clone, and the only one (?) in active use serving communities.

GroupFormingMailingList: The hub of the wiki complement to the [group-forming mailing list] (background on MeatBall:GroupFormingMailingList)

For an explanation, see MeatBall:TourBus. In case of questions or problems: turn to the MeatBall:BusManagement.

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