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Things that need to be done to PythonCommunityServer to make it more useful, portable and easy to install. (Not necesarilly the PycsUserWishList )

pycs.net started off hosted on a DSL line, causing lots of problems (see PycsDNSUpdate). Now it lives in a JohnCompanies? server (courtesy of RobertBarksdale?).

Abstract the DB backend so you can use it with an SQL DB like MySQL?

Current work in CVS; pycs/mymetakit/mymetakit.py. A MetaKit-like wrapper for MySQL?. Only just started; lots left to do.

Can move data around using the rescue scripts (pycs/rescue_data.py and pycs/rescue_return_data.py). Currently these are useful if you want to restore data from a fragged database, but they will be able to be used to move data into another database (when a backend for another database has been written).

Port the scripts in the modules/system directory so they can run as CGI scripts under Apache or Apache/mod_python

Shouldn't be too much work. Some of the imported modules will need to be moved / renamed.

Make a web-based config frontend

Like RadioCommunityServer.

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