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A BlogThread? is a way of capturing a de facto discussion that takes place via posts on separate individual weblogs. It allows easy user navigation among the posts that constitute the thread.

The thread itself is defined in the abstract by following the links from one post to another. The BlogThreads concept proposes that blog authors explicitly denote that a post is part of a BlogThread? via some action beyond simply creating a link.

David Janes has something similar: [BlogThread]. -[Michael Fagan]

Cool dudes - but I think you have to explain how this works and what the benefits are before I go for it. It kind of scares me when you keep saying: "save a backup of my template" - are you intendin gon this to crash, expire or somehow go stale? - MarcCanter

What's this about template backups? Is the Wiki giving you weird messages? I've never seen that ... - PhillipPearson

No, Marc's talking about BlogThread?, I think -[Michael Fagan]

Cool, this actually worked! I got an RSS feed - simply stating the BlogThreads title. The link brought me here - which means it was an ipso facto comment notification. How simple and sublime. Now I have to just remember the different syntax between this Wiki - and Pete Kaminski's SocialText? systems - which we've been using for: PC Forum, SSA (the Social Software Alliance) and the O'Reilly ETCON. [1]

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