myelin: Technorati/Python

A Python wrapper for the Technorati API

Use this script to access the Technorati API from Python without having to hack together all the HTTP and XML stuff yourself. It doesn't need to have any XML parsing libraries installed, so will work on a plain Python install (like the one that comes with Mac OS X).

Soon to include any features it's missing that are in Mark Pilgrim's PyTechnorati. The last release of PyTechnorati is downloadable below.


Latest version:

Change log

PyTechnorati 0.02 - Mark's final release

v0.05 - merged changes from Kevin Marks at Technorati

v0.04 - maintenance release (thanks to Mike Linksvayer)

v0.03 - maintenance release

v0.02 - maintenance release

v0.01 - initial release