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Word 2007 not finished?

Argh... Office 2007 is generally quite nice, and has been working well for me, but this is a shocker. The whole graphics engine got rewritten since Office 2003, except the Word team didn't get around to integrating it properly, or something, resulting in various shitty user experience warts. For example, you can't group pictures with other drawing objects. WTF?

Truly bizarre: Excel and Powerpoint have a new version of WordArt, but Word doesn't.

My preinstalled 60-day trial of Office 2007 will be expiring soon so I need to decide between spending $300-450 on the full version or moving to OpenOffice. OpenOffice isn't exactly an appealing choice either -- I tried using it a few weeks back and it silently discarded a few hours of changes to my document without asking, when I closed a window. Tough choice: expensive half-finished software, or free software that loses data?

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