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PeopleAggregator is live... come on in (link to API details included)

Everyone else has already blogged about it, but I might as well :-)

Our hosted copy of PeopleAggregator is up and running, and open (no password any more), so come on in. Here's my public page. Log in and add me as a friend... I've updated the 'my friends' display on the left hand side of this blog to show my friends/relations on the live site, so you might see yourself show up there.

Marc and I were up at 2am last night burning copies of the installation tarball and a bunch of introductory movies (featuring Marc and his kids!) onto memory keys. If you're lucky (and are at Gnomedex, and can convince Marc that you'd make a good beta tester), you might get one.

BTW - for anyone who's been wondering what happened to the much-promised PeopleAggregator API, yes, it's in there! I don't think there are any links from the actual site, but here you are: PeopleAggregator API documentation. It's all very much in development, so if anyone has any feedback on what's already there, or wants to point out existing APIs that we should support, please get in touch. If there's a function in the PeepAgg UI that you'd like to see included in the API and isn't already there, let me know.

Note that it looks like we haven't set up MultiViews on yet, so the API URLs need a '.php' after 'xml', 'json' or 'xmlrpc'. i.e. the XML-RPC endpoint (for the MetaWeblog API, etc) is, not .../api/xmlrpc. I'll fix that soon.

Note also that the Javascript demo is broken at the moment, so don't worry if it doesn't work for you!


Quick note: I'm in Seattle and will be at Gnomedex (leaving here 2 July).

If you want to meet me, look for me there!