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Goodbye Dean (RIP Dean Jackson, 3 Feb 1980 - 11 Apr 2006)

Dean Jackson, a guy I had the pleasure of working with for several years in my last job, passed away on Tuesday morning. That sucks; he was only 26, and had so many good things coming in his life :-(

Dean was a super-enthusiastic tinkerer. He'd often grab me as I came in the door to show me what he'd come up with over the weekend. I hosted a website and a mailing list for him at one point, but he changed things around so often that I never really knew what was happening :-)

Dean was blind, and was an excellent example of how blindness doesn't have to stop you from leading a full life, getting a job, etc.

Bye Dean :(

More: RIP Dean Jackson ZL1JJ (Blakjak, a radio ham, who also posted another tribute on the NZART forum) | In Loving Memory of Dean Jackson, 1980-2006 (Jonathan Mosen, from Humanware)

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