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AIM and Y!IM feature request

It would be very nice if AIM and Y!IM could start in minimised state. Skype and MSN do it very nicely; now can the others follow along please?

Also, on a sorta-but-not-quite-related note, it would be cool if someone could port msnlib (Python MSN messenger protocol library) and the ylib (Python Yahoo Messenger protocol library from the xmpppy yahoo-transport) to run inside Twisted Words. Either that or port the OSCAR library from Twisted Words to run outside Twisted, or make a HOWTO for making Twisted coexist with other stuff.

A while back I started on a bot that would support multiple networks. It wasn't hard to get it working with ylib and msnlib, but the only decent AIM library seems to be the one in Twisted Words, which is a pain to integrate with stuff that doesn't live inside Twisted.

One alternative is just to run the Twisted stuff in one thread and the rest in another thread, but it would be cool if they were all integrated nicely.