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Four years blogging

Paolo Valdemarin's note about his 4th blogging anniversary yesterday reminded me that I've now been blogging for 4 years too. I started blogging on 21 March 2002, five days before Paolo started his first public weblog, on the 26th.

Unlike him, I wasn't blogging internally beforehand, although we both started for similar reasons, and both pretty much blogged for Dave Winer for a while. I remember that each time I posted, I would see one hit from in the referer log. I'm pretty sure that was Dave. I checked it out once - I saw he had posted a comment, so looked up his IP address in my server logs and found that his was the hit.

I started blogging because I had to demonstrate my response to this challenge (I wrote some code called Python Community Server). I didn't blog that much until Salon Blogs started in July 2002, though, and I created this blog, which used to live over there, about a week before the official opening :-)

BTW, it's called 'Second p0st' because its first post was the second post ever on - after this one.

So, that's four years. Back to work ... :-)