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Structured Blogging v1.0pre15 is out

A quick note - v1.0pre15 of the SB plugins is out and available on

I seem to have accidentally skipped v1.0pre14. Actually I made a build and noted in the changes file "version for SB website on Wednesday, 8 Feb 2006", but never sent it off to go on the website. Oops!

Changes in this release since v1.0pre13:

- Some changes to how hubmed searches are done.

- Thanks to Alf Eaton, now you can look up papers on citeseer.

- You can now enter a URL instead of uploading a file. This makes it easier to blog about podcasts etc, which tend to be too big to upload via a web form.

- You can now make MCD files with nested repeatable elements (groups with repeat="unlimited").

- Album reviews now link to the album image from Amazon.

In response to a user query, I've just made a script which will calculate md5 sums of all the files in your install, so you can verify that it's installed correctly. This should help with support. It'll be in v1.0pre16 - coming very soon :)

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