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Datacenter move

I just heard from Layered Tech to say that my server (which hosts this blog,,, and so on) is going to be moved into a new datacenter; right now it's at The Planet, and it's going to SAVVIS.

This'll happen in a couple of days, so there may be some downtime...

Update: All done. If you're reading this, the new server is live.

Wordpress plugin to sort your archives in ascending date order

I'm sure there is an option somewhere to do this, but I can't find it (and it looks like nobody on this support thread could either), so I hacked up a tiny plugin to let you get Wordpress archives sorted in ascending date order.

Download: ascending-date-order-archives.php.txt

Rename that to ascending-date-order-archives.php (i.e. remove the .txt extension) and save it in your wp-content/plugins directory, then go to your Wordpress plugins page and click 'Activate' on the Ascending date order archives plugin. From then on, your archives should appear in ascending order.

Leave a comment here if you have any issues.

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