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Now you can look up PubMed articles with Structured Blogging (well, soon ...)

Alf Eaton sent me code today for the Structured Blogging plugins that would let them look up journal articles on PubMed, using his HubMed server.

How he's done it is make an alternate lookup interface on HubMed that produces XML in the same format as the Amazon API, so it can easily be consumed by the SB plugins.

Thanks, Alf!

(You can download the code from Alf's server right now, or wait a few days and get it with the next version of the Structured Blogging plugins - it'll be there from v1.0pre13.)

It sounds like Alf may be considering including the Structured Blogging plugin as part of NotePress, which is pretty cool. The SB code is open source, there for the taking, so if anyone wants to build structured publishing into software written in PHP or Perl, you're welcome to use it.

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