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Cooperative Linux

One thing that I'd love to use if the laptop I take travelling was powerful enough: Cooperative Linux. This is like User Mode Linux, except that it runs on Windows. It's like a free equivalent to VMWare, except that it's also more efficient. (Although perhaps a little harder to install!)

It looks like people are using it in truly weird ways, for example to bootstrap software RAID-5 on Windows.

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Back in New Zealand

For the past week or so, I've been over in San Francisco, meeting up with most of the rest of Broadband Mechanics, Ashish from Tekriti, and various people from AlwaysOn and PubSub.

It's been LOTS of fun - big thanks to Marc and Lisa for taking care of Ashish and I when we were there.

On the last day, I had to dash off early to the airport, but not before meeting Leonard Richardson, which was cool, and I can confirm that he does indeed NOT look like the biggest freak in the world. He tagged along on the BART ride to the airport, which was nice of him and gave us a chance to talk about recipes as a microcontent type (and his efforts to parse and generate recipes).

I've uploaded a few of my more touristy photos to a "San Francisco - August 2005" album on Flickr.

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