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More microformat fun

OK, now this page has an hCard. See if you can find it.

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Coffee review now outputs hReview tags in RSS

OK, now the reviews RSS feed has hReview tags.

I haven't got it quite sorted out - the <a> tags don't have classes, and often I've said something like this:

<span class="foo"><a href="bar">some text here</a></span>

... where the <span> should probably live inside the <a>.

After talking to Kevin Marks and Tantek Çelik, I've changed how the tags line up a bit, and made it somewhat cleaner.

The tags are also present when you see a review on the site - anything under the /cafe and /user hierarchy.

Next on the list: put hCards in on the user and cafe pages.

I think this makes the NZ coffee review the first "real review site" to use the hReview microformat :-)

To do: figure out if anybody is using RVW, and if so, put RVW info in the RSS feed as well.

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