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Subversion SSL client on Debian

Sigh... it looks like apt-get install subversion doesn't get you an SSL (https) capable Subversion client on Debian testing.

This page gives instructions for getting it to go on Debian woody.

I would have thought the instructions would be more like this

apt-get install openssl libssl-dev
apt-get source subversion
apt-get install long list of build dependencides
cd subversion-1.1.3
some magic, ending in ./configure --with-ssl dpkg-buildpackage

However when I actually try that, it seems to require a version of swig that is later than the latest one available in Debian testing. Weird.

Checking now to see if it's actually libneon24's fault. Perhaps I can just build that and it will magically make Subversion support SSL?

libneon24 seems to build OK. I can see a --with-ssl option in there too. Let's give this a go...

OK, done that. It built, and installed, but svn --version still has no mention of HTTPS.

Argh - this is really frustrating. Time to go look to see if anybody's made a statically-linked version of Subversion for Linux. I've found one for a SPARC platform...

Update: I might be able to build the static client if I pass configure the --enable-all-static option...

After installing lots of build deps, it looks like this is going to work:

apt-get install openssl libssl-dev libneon24-dev libapr0-dev
apt-get source subversion
cd subversion-1.1.3
tar -vzxf subversion-1.1.3.tar.gz
cd subversion-1.1.3
./configure --without-apache --without-swig --enable-swig-bindings= --with-ssl

I got an error from configure saying that my neon library was too old, but deleting /usr/local/bin/neon-config fixed it.

make install & svn --version

... but it STILL doesn't do https.

Has anyone managed to get this working?

Update: FINALLY got it to go with these static builds. Exactly what I wanted ... phew. Just download the Linux one and extract the 'svn' binary into /usr/bin. Now svn --version mentions https, and you can happily svn checkout over https URLs.

Now I can sleep...

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