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Next aggregator plans

I had high hopes for the automatic feed ordering function in my aggregator, but recently I've been finding that I haven't been so interested in reading news... which I suspect is a symptom of a UI gone bad. So I'm wondering what went wrong. It seems that the average time between a new item appearing in a feed and me clicking on it isn't that great for reordering feeds.

To let me quickly 'seed' the list rather than have to wait for feeds to bubble their way up to the top, I added a 'bump' option that would set the average time variable to zero - i.e. push a feed right to the top.

I'm thinking of replacing this by an "interesting" flag. All feeds with "interesting" set will always appear above feeds without it. Also, feeds with zero new items should be pushed right down to the bottom of the list. Let's see how this works.

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