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Flyspray fails to suck

Just installed a copy of Flyspray for us to track bugs on one project at work. Seems OK so far. It doesn't feel quite as smooth as Roundup, but it handles multiple projects, which is a feature I really appreciate. I'm going to use this to track bugs and to-do items on my personal projects from now on, I think.

... more like this: [] first impressions

Went onto to see what this is all about. First impression is that I'm not sure what it does. Is it a newsreader? Looks like the "how to render RSS" demos everybody was doing in 2002.

And... doesn't Microsoft have UI testers? I clicked "Add Content", typed "scripting news" in the box, clicked on the first result, got a screen full of XML, hit the back button, and it threw me back to the front page.

Try again... search for scripting news, click "subscribe" on the first item. "Unable to retrieve data, please try again.". Tried again. Ah, now SN appears under "My Web". But all I can see are the current headings. How is this better than bookmarking Scripting News in Internet Explorer?

Update: Joel Spolsky complains about the same problems.