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ProjectX does AJAX maps of NZ

Cool - Ben's company just released Zoomin Maps. It's pretty cool. I mean, the concept's not new any more, but it's great to see someone doing it for New Zealand.

Check out these URLs:



It's got maps of ALL of NZ, not just the main centres. This will be great when I go on holiday. Hokitika. Moana (Lake Brunner).

Check this out - Stewart Island (the southernmost island of New Zealand, pretty remote). And here's Bluff, which is where the ferry leaves the mainland for Stewart Island.

I've driven all the way down to Bluff. One day I'm going to fly up to Auckland and drive this road all the way north, to where the Tasman Sea meets the Pacific Ocean, and see the tree where the Maori believe the spirits of the dead jump off on their way home to Hawaiki.

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