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Microcontent and Google Base

Hmm... looks like Google is [about to start] letting people store/publish structured microcontent on their servers.

This is quite an interesting development, as up until now, Google has been all about indexing data stored all over the web. Following that theme, one might have expected to see microcontent publishing appear in Blogger at some point... but now it seems that the intention is different; Google wants to *own* the database as well as index it.

The counterpart to all this is what is going on with microformats and structured blogging, both of which allow you to publish structured content on your own site. (Blatant plug: Structured Blogging even provides a Wordpress plugin to do it for you; a bunch of us at BBM are working on putting a bunch more microcontent types in that plugin and building equivalent plugins for Movable Type and Drupal...)