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Camera in transit

My EX-S3's screen has been behaving a bit strangely for the past week or so: first it started going 50% grey on me, unless I pressed a certain place on the camera's case, and now sometimes it's completely grey, 50% grey, or OK, depending on how I'm holding the camera. Also a grey blob has started appearing in the top left-hand corner of all pictures (you can see it in last week's weather picture).

I bought the camera when I was in Japan in October, but it came with a "Tourist Warranty", which hopefully is good enough to convince the guys up in Auckland to fix it up for free. Fingers crossed!

So far my record with these Casio cameras isn't particularly good. The first one got a drop of salt water in it and promptly died, and this second one seems to be failing quite happily by itself. The Casio Exilim range is still my favourite line of small cameras, though ...

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