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WayTech ActionMail Doraemon

Picture of a Japanese 'Doraemon' toy with a spinning propellor hat. In Japan I picked up this thing: it's called an Oshirase Mail Doraemon (おしらせメールドラえもん). Doraemon is a popular cartoon character (about which plenty of English-language information is available).

This thing connects to your PC via USB, and identifies itself as a WayTech ActionMail. The propellor on top (Doraemon's take-copter (竹コプター) is meant to spin when you get new e-mail, but the software is all in Japanese and is pretty much unusable for me as my version of Windows can only render Japanese inside Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, so all the prompts come out as "?? ???? ???? ?? ??????".

So ... does anybody know where I can get a driver for a WayTech ActionMail, or any information on the chipset? I can't seem to find much information about it online. I'd very much like to try to write a Python interface for this thing -- it would be really cool to use as an indicator, for example at work, to say that a build of our product just completed ...

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