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What would be cool: pure-Python database drivers

Not necessarily sensible, or desirable, but quite handy: say, a PostgreSQL client written entirely in Python. So I could include it in PyCS, or require it as a pre-requisite, without making everyone using PyCS download and compile Postgres when they probably have it already installed.

Either that or I should make PyCS install like every other Python project, i.e. using, so people with decent package managers (i.e. Debian users) can use the OS-provided Postgres and client, and everyone else can compile from source, i.e. what they'd have to do anyway.

Update: Barry Pederson, in the comments, points to his "Barebones pure-Python PostgreSQL client". Cool! Also, Greg from ThinkSQL, a commercial RDBMS, says it has a pure Python driver available too.

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Back to life as usual

My INBOX.maybe_spam folder is empty!

I feel like my life is going back to normal.

By the way, I'm back...

I've been busy at work for quite a few months, and then on holiday: one week in Chicago and a week and a half in Tokyo. But now I'm back in Christchurch, just in time for summer. My girlfriend and I arrived back in the country on Monday 8th, and after sleeping for a week, I was back at work on Monday 15th.

It's odd to be in New Zealand again after Japan: the roads seem so wide, and where are all the people? I used to think Christchurch's population of 350,000 was reasonable, but this city feels so sparse after experiencing Tokyo!

Picture of some trees in Christchurch.

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Richard MacManus interviews Tim O'Reilly

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