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Subscriptions Harmonization: you choose the server

Dave Winer:

My new subscriptions harmonizer is ready for the next step in the bootstrap. I have a test server up and running and an aggregator-side implementation running in Radio UserLand on two of my computers, and so far it works! Praise Murphy. If you have two or more Radios, and have experience using the object database, please give it a try. But read the instructions carefully. It's an open protocol, other developers are welcome, and I have a section of the RFC ready to point to them when they come online. If you have comments or questions on the Harmonizer, please post them here. Thanks!

I've had a hack at it, and now there's a subscriptions harmonizer in the Topic Exchange too. I know, it's not quite the right place to put it, but there it is :-)

If you want to use it, check out the usage instructions.

You can also see (and add and delete) your subscriptions in a browser. Log in to your Topic Exchange account and click 'subscriptions'.

For developers, I've added one method to Dave's subsHarmonizer namespace: subsHarmonizer.reset(username, password), which unsubscribes you from everything (clears your subscription list). Details on the Topic Exchange docs page.

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