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Is anyone using XFML?

To everyone working on categorising posts by topic or category or whatever: what XML format would you like to use to exchange information with the Topic Exchange?

Read this (I've written up my thoughts) -->
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I want to get the Topic Exchange playing nicely with k-collector and whatever other systems people are using, which makes a good topic mapping format absolutely necessary. Comments please.
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Blogging tool feature requests

Interesting - scroll down to the first post by "Miles".
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Finally saw Matrix: Reloaded

I saw Matrix: Reloaded last night.

My impression? Very cool. Definitely as good as the first, and definitely worth watching. The scene where Neo was fighting hundreds of copies of Agent Smith got a bit cheesy after a while (too much slow motion!) and the one where he fought all the vampires (etc) felt like a total rip off of the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon scene where the girl beat up everyone in the restaurant, but the rest of the movie rocked. Plenty of new ideas (rogue and exiled programs, keys and back doors, old agents fighting new agents, the origins of Zion and the prophecy ...) to keep it interesting, and some new "Neo powers" revealed at the end to keep us guessing as to what's going to happen in Revolutions (how real is the "real world", and what the hell is Smith doing?).

Looking forward to #3 ...
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Free cross-browser rich text editor code

Cool - someone's made a free cross-browser rich text editor. Everyone writing blogging tools can use something like this. And now it works with Mozilaa, which means you can get rich text editing on the Mac. Do Radio and PyDS do that yet? If not, here's how :)
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