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Project website generator?

Can anyone point me in the direction of a project website generator script / app? I'm after something to make releasing stuff like the Technorati Python wrapper a bit less tedious.

Ideally it would generate project info and file release pages that look sort of like Daniel Krech's rdflib site. The front page should have a project description, information about the latest release (release notes and download links), and it should keep an archive of older versions, each of which has its own "release notes / download" page.

Extra nice features would be some sort of primitive bug tracking and patch management, so users can drop their own files in.

I guess you could hack this together with a blogging tool, say, bzero, and a Wiki. But has someone done it already?
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Technorati/Python v0.02

I've taken a quick look at Mark Pilgrim's PyTechnorati and fixed some of the shortcomings of my own script; here are the changes:

* now using the latest version of the API (no .xml URLs, format= and version= arguments)
* you can now get more than just the first page of cosmos results (use start= or -s / --start)
* now throwing an exception when we get an HTTP error
* '--cosmos' command-line option added (same as --inbound)
* now supporting all license key locations used by PyTechnorati

It now also has a proper project page. Get it there:

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