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OPML directory browser (for .Net)

UPDATE: This is now open-source: see OPML Tools on SourceForge. More info.

I've hacked up a quick OPML directory browser application in C# for Dave's barn-raising project. As with all C# apps, you'll need the .Net framework installed for it to run. It's pretty primitive right now (because I don't have a lot of spare time!) but it appears to work. Enjoy! (4K)

There's no progress indicator, so don't panic if it appears to hang when you click 'View' or double-click an include node (one with "(inc)" after the name) as it'll start responding again as soon as it finishes reading the OPML file from the network.

Update: Check it out - Matt Grayson has done one too! It looks like we've focussed on getting different things going. His interface is much prettier, and he can read local files, although it doesn't handle inclusion. It also gives more information about the contents of nodes in the OPML file.
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