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Radio tip: Getting tools to use the default template

I've just been working on a Radio tool, and one thing that's been bugging me is that it has been refusing to use the default template.

When you create a new tool and give it a page of its own (, the template you get is really plain - just enough HTML to get your page to validate (maybe ;).

Deleting the #template node in the myNewToolNameWebsite table in your database and refreshing the page in a browser, the template changes to a very very old template (like the one on this page).

Just found the solution (in this message from 2002): you need to reinstall the tool to get it to pick up the changes. Selecting the .root window for the new tool, then Tools | Developers | Re-install Front Tool... will do this. And now you have a tool that fits in nicely with the rest of the desktop website!
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Link basket

Ole Eichorn: The Tyranny of Email (without frames) (how not to let e-mail stop you from doing any real work)

Joel Spolsky: new Fog Creek office ("we need three times as many power outlets as anyone would think. I'm sick of power strips. I have ten things plugged in right at my desk. I specified 4 outlets every foot, is that absurd?")

Gideon Granville: looking at USA vs Iraq with game theory

What happened to the BlogTalk site?

Something's looking fairly screwed up right now:

BTW I just saw some errors in the Topic Exchange log - looks like the new calendars were breaking channels with zero posts. Fixed now. Drop me a line () if you see any errors on the site.

Update: OK, I suck. It's Thanks Seb ;-)

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