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All-RSS-within-one-click finder

I wrote a Python script that downloads a web page, then examines all linked pages to try to find their RSS feeds.

(Of course, it uses Mark Pilgrim's RSS finder to do the actual finding.)

This is good if you have an HTML-format blogroll and you want to know the RSS feeds for all the linked blogs. Sorta like what Dave Winer did with the weblog neighborhood tool, except that it looks for links in the HTML rather than in XML dumps from aggregator subscription lists, and consequently it finds feeds for things people link to rather than things they read.

To run, you need Python, Mark's, and the script linked above. Rename *.py.txt to *.py after downloading. Then run like this:


- to find RSS for people I link to


- to find RSS for people you link to


- to find RSS for people Dave links to

Note that if your archive URLs aren't directly under your blog main URL, you need to specify your archive URL explicitly (as I did with above) as the second parameter to the script. If you don't, it'll still work, but it'll take ages because it'll waste time trying to find your own RSS feed over and over again.

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