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C++ tip: always use std::list, not std::deque or std::vector, if you like storing pointers or iterators

I'm the sort of person who likes using iterators and pointers (rather than indices) to remember where I am in a list. I tend to store them in structures, then go away, modify the list, and expect them to still be valid when I come back.

That's perfectly reasonable when I'm using std::list, but it all goes to hell when using something that periodically needs reallocation. When you try to put something into a std::vector and it doesn't have space, it reallocates the whole thing and copies the old data to the new location, invalidating all your pointers.

Every time I use something other than std::list to store stuff, I end up forgetting this. And it always takes me a whole day to figure out what I've done wrong.

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