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tech notes and web hackery from a new zealander who was vaguely useful on the web back in 2002 (see: python community server, the blogging ecosystem, the new zealand coffee review, the internet topic exchange).


Finding communities

Looks like someone's thought about this quite a bit ;-)
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Ecosystem now gives more info; Dave and Doc further down the list

Doc Searls notes that he was second only to Dave when ranked by number of incoming links in the first run of my ecosystem script.

However, including a whole bunch of political blogs changes that - and ousts Dave from the top place as well (now he's down below InstaPundit, Andrew Sullivan, VodkaPundit and Steven Den Beste). Here are the new details for Doc and Dave.

(The most up-to-date results are in the usual place.)

You'll note that now you can see stats and cached copies of included weblogs. If you think you're being misrepresented, check out your stats page and drop me a line.

Next run, I'll pull in all of Doc's blogroll. That should push him back up a bit. Dave is probably at his peak already, as the first run was heavily biased towards Radio weblogs.

Second p0st is still quite far down. Oh well ;-)
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