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tech notes and web hackery from a new zealander who was vaguely useful on the web back in 2002 (see: python community server, the blogging ecosystem, the new zealand coffee review, the internet topic exchange).


Today's summary

All the blogs on this server that updated today:

0000001. Jake's Salon Blog <-- UserLand
0000002. Phillip Pearson's Second p0st <-- this one
0000014. Scott Rosenberg's Links & Comment <-- Salon
0000015. John Robb's Salon Radio Weblog <-- UserLand
0001000. Fiasco
0001001. Eat the Press <-- Rogers Cadenhead
0001002. Ry Rivard Says Everything
0001003. Ray Ozzie's Radio Weblog <-- Groove Networks
0001004. It's a Radio Weblog
0001005. Bryant Durrell's Radio Weblog
0001006. MBAs Stole The Internet
0001007. dws.
0001008. Immediate and Public
0001009. 10's links, etc.
0001010. The Tigers of Wrath
0001011. Greg Smith's Radio Weblog
0001012. Thomas Scovell's Radio Weblog
0001014. Patricia Sierra's Radio Weblog
0001015. Ten Miles from Disneyland
0001018. people are stupid
0001019. Matt Cable's Radio Weblog
0001020. Andrew Lynn's Radio Weblog
0001021. filchyboy
0001023. Kelly Dugan's Radio Weblog
0001024. Liz's Radio Weblog
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More updates

Rogers Cadenhead has begun to post to Eat the Press (see more).

James suggests that a premium Salon subscription should result in a nicer URL, or perhaps a discount on a Radio license. I bet something like that is in the works.

Jake points out that this server actually isn't official yet. Oh well :-)

John Robb (who also blogs for - and manages - UserLand) is in firehose mode ...

Ry is talking now too ...

Bruce Umbaugh's Radio Weblog is now It's a Radio Weblog

And Don Strickland has just joined.

Introducing Immediate and Public, from an anonymous author, and hello to Greg Smith!

Ken Dow of Crude Rhythms has just started The Tigers of Wrath. Interesting ...

Now Thomas Scovell (from Bullet Proof Software?) is here too. Another New Zealander - very cool.

Patricia Sierra gets Adam Curry's 0001014 usernum on ... and Greg Storey has Dave's 0001015 ;-)

Hello to Joe and Matt Cable. Also Kelly Dugan.

Now: Liz, Andrew and Aaron.

Uhh, 'filchyboy'?
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Officially online!

Congratulations to Salon Blogs for the official launch!

That of course means that the blog you are reading right now is publicly visible for the first time since the server was password protected after Jason Kottke noticed Second p0st.

So ... hello to anybody who's reading - you might also want to take a look at Salon Managing Editor Scott Rosenberg's blog, and if Rogers Cadenhead is as readable as he is on Workbench, he'll be worth following too.

Newsflash: Ray Ozzie (Groove Networks) is here too!

Also Bruce Umbaugh!

Update: Rogers actually appears to be the second official non-local user; a blog called Fiasco from someone known only as 'Gregg' just appeared with usernum 0001000. Only Jake beats 0000002 though ;-)

Bryant Durrell just posted to 0001005 ...

James Scheinblum is up on 0001006 with MBAs Stole The Internet ...

Ry Rivard's 'Ry' has 0001002 (between Rogers and Ray).

Cool - Scott Rosenberg is following Second p0st - hi Scott ;-)
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