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Alpha testers wanted for a web app

I'm working on a web editing system to help academic departments organise their web sites and let staff members edit their own web pages without having to go through three other people, and without having to know about HTML. It will help keep track of published papers, and make it easy to create uniformly-formatted pages for large numbers of people.

However, I don't work in that sort of environment, so I need a few people who do, who have a little free time, and would like the chace to improve their own networks in the process.

Testers will be able to use the system for free while it's being developed, and will get a 50% discount (off the expected price of US$800/server) when it's complete. Also, you'll get a huge amount of free support time (you'll get page templates made for you, etc).

E-mail me () if you are interested.

Programming styles

Came across some notes by Brent Simmons today on how he gets going when writing new applications.

Interesting. Almost exactly the opposite to how I work. First I have an idea of some interesting bit of data manipulation I could do, and I code that. Then, I start to think about the interface.

I guess that explains why Brent produces apps with beautiful, consistent interfaces, and I produce unix shell apps :-)

Weblog metadata: Recommendations

Dave Bryson (via e-mail): I've been brainstorming ways of doing trust metrics/ filtering on blogs. Here's one idea about how to decentralize communities.

This sounds like a cool idea. It relates to the stuff we were working on with WMDI a while back.

I could use this sort of data in the Blogging Ecosystem ... seeing as it's already scanning heaps of blogs, it could look for links to rdf files like this and process them as well.

BTW - an open offer to anyone working on interesting data formats. If you mail me a bzero template that generates your new format (under a suitable license), I'm happy to include it in the distribution.
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Just got the first BlogGazer screenshot in - looks like the installer definitely did work!
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Alpha release of BlogGazer

I just put up a ZIP archive of BlogGazer (my Python weblog browser).

Requires Windows and Internet Explorer 4 or later.

Unzip this somewhere and run browse.exe. It's still pretty raw, but I want to get this out there so people can see it working. See the web page (BlogGazer) for all the gory details of bugs and to-do items.
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