myelin: Matrix display

The matrix display is a 25 x 12 grid of LEDs, controlled by a microcontroller. I (Phillip Pearson) designed, built, and programmed it in September 2012, to show at my Burning Man camp. It has since made an appearance at the Lunacy Festival (Santa Barbara, October 2012), and at Sea of Dreams (San Francisco, NYE 2013).

Visit the Facebook page for more pictures and videos!

I hugely appreciate the help provided by some of my friends: Christine Doo helped with the physical side - finding materials and tools, and drilling many of the mounting holes. Philip Lindsay (and Freetronics) donated an Etherten board and wrote code to receive display frames by UDP. The Want It! crew painted the boards and brackets, and helped with transport to and from Burning Man 2012. The project was also inspired by art by Disorient and Sheet Metal Alchemist.


Please contact me if you would like to have the matrix display at your event.

The matrix display consumes ~1A max at 110V, and can run standalone or connected to a laptop.

Open source

I have made the code for this and various other LED projects available as open source at the Myelin Matrix Display project on GitHub.