myelin: Feed Normalizer

This is an archive of a long-dead site; it was something I made as part of a prolific blogging and hacking spree from 2002-2003 or so. It's unlikely that any of it still works! I can't bear to delete it all though; this was an important time in my life. So... enjoy!

Fixes dodgy feeds / turns everything into straight RSS 2.0

Trying to read a feed with an aggregator that can't handle the format? Try normalizing it.

This might come in handy if you need to read a buggy feed or a feed that's in a slightly different version of RSS to the one your aggregator can handle. If your aggregator can't understand Atom feeds, you can convert them into RSS right here.


Click the button, then paste the URL from your browser into your newsreader.


This is all pretty experimental. It runs under CGI, so is very slow at this point.

Background info.

It's open source. See the source. MIT license.


Mark Pilgrim's universal feed parser is used to parse the feeds. Thanks, Mark!