Comment monitor: Critical acclaim [?]

This is an archive of a long-dead site; it was something I made as part of a prolific blogging and hacking spree from 2002-2003 or so. It's unlikely that any of it still works! I can't bear to delete it all though; this was an important time in my life. So... enjoy!

From: RadioFAQs

Don Strickland: This is Big; deserving of front page coverage!

From: Seb's Open Research

S´┐Żbastien Paquet: Wow, that was quick! My wish has been granted over the weekend. Genies are decidedly getting efficient.

From: Driver 8

Charly Z: Well, just when I had freed myself from the RSS aggregator along comes Phil Pearson with a new version of his comment monitor, one that will update me on new comments on my blog... through the RSS aggregator. Damn!

From: rebelutionary

Mike Cannon-Brookes: (Oh and you can also get your Radio comments as a feed now too - cool!)

From: Curiouser and curiouser!

Matt Mower: » I'm very happy to be getting an RSS feed of comments to my weblog via CommentMonitor

From: Charles Nadeau's Radio Weblog

Charles Nadeau: I just test it and it works! great!!!!

From: Weblog comments

Andrew Bayer: This thing is a wonderful, wonderful thing. =)

Mark Hoback: thanks. looks good.

S´┐Żbastien Paquet: Seems to work fine for me! Thanks a lot!

Don Strickland: That is a nice tool ... I like that tool! Using it for both and