This site is here to keep track of how to interoperate with a number of 'blogging and CMS tools.  Quite a few of them support various XML-RPC based APIs like the Blogger or metaWeblog API, and many store their data in text form alongside the posts, but which uses which method?  And how do you export your posts from one to another?  Find out here.

If you have a comment or suggestion for this site (or, better yet, an article or some code!), contact[Image]Phil.  Here is our[Image]RSS feed (subscribe to it in Radio).



BlogMD is a new initiative, involving the author of this blog and loads of interesting developers including Cameron Marlow of Blogdex, to improve the interoperability between weblog software and increase the amount of metadata available on weblogs by defining some standard formats and APIs to transfer it around.

Radio UserLand


Radio UserLand, by UserLand Software (the people who brought you Scripting News, Manila and XML-RPC), is a desktop web application - a web server on your desktop that uses your web browser as its interface.  It supports the Blogger and Meta-Weblog API over XML-RPC and uses lots of XML internally.



CityDesk, by Fog Creek Software, isn't exactly a blogging tool, but I've seen a few blogs now that use it.  And, of course, I had to include it here because I'm using it to edit the site ;-)


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