myelin: atheos - wu-ftpd

wu-ftpd (the Washington University FTP server) compiles and runs fine under AtheOS. If you're like me and have your secondary machine (with a terrible monitor, mouse & keyboard) running AtheOS, having an FTP server is useful because it means you can do your editing in your favourite editor somewhere else.

Here it is:

It's built as a tarball to be extracted into /usr, like Kurt's ones from the /packages dir in the AtheOS mirrors.

The source for this version is at:

To build it from source, do this in the dir you extracted the source tarball into:

./configure i386-linux --prefix=/usr/wu-ftpd --with-etc-dir=/usr/wu-ftpd/etc
make install

To run, check out the /usr/wu-ftpd/etc/* files. You might want to change them (it may be pretty permissive as far as access is concerned).

To get it to run on boot, add the following to /system/

/usr/wu-ftpd/sbin/in.ftpd -S

BTW by default it allows root logins, and from what I hear AtheOS doesn't have permissions yet on the FS, so you might not want to give people ftp logins just yet. Not sure about use as an anonymous ftp server; if anyone has a go with it, please mail me to tell me how it went. Oh, and don't forget - ftp sends passwords in plaintext, so it's not a good idea to log in as root over the Internet. Use SSH instead. (Kurt has compiled OpenSSH; get it from the official archive).

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