myelin: hacking around in the internals of atheos

Here are some notes I've made in the process of hacking around in the internals of AtheOS

Please correct me if I'm wrong; all this info has come from looking through the source in the process of trying to understand the OS, and so will miss out anything I wasn't too interested in at the time.

Info gathered so far:

AtheOS startup sequence

The AppServer

Notes from Kurt on the direction of AtheOS:

On using the filesystem for everything (and a complaint about the SNR of the mailing list :-)

Things to know when programming for AtheOS:

Don't delete the Application object!
Here is a message from Kurt to Tord Janssen on the topic. It also has some suggestions as to what to do when your programs crash, and a reason that the entire desktop might hang when a program dies.

Relevant mailing list messages:

Kurt to Phillip Pearson on the viability of a VNC server for AtheOS

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