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BeleniX - OpenSolaris Live CD

After not having much luck the other day with OpenSolaris on Xen, I'm trying another way - the BeleniX Live CD. This is problematic too, though. I downloaded the ISO image, burned it to a CD, and booted it on my Linux box, only to get a bunch of errors about all the autoconfig stuff receiving KILL signals, and a kernel panic and reboot.

Trying again inside VMWare on my Windows laptop, it got to the keyboard layout configuration and UI selection, after I chose "command line", it dumped me to a login prompt. Much better... after a few attempts to guess the password, root/belenix got me in.

Now, to explore, and see what makes the Joyent guys so crazy about this OS. The ZFS filesystem sounds really impressive - integrating the volume manager and the filesystem sounds like a great idea. It looks like the [Open]Solaris team must have been working on issues of clustering and high availability for quite some time.

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