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Topic Exchange now compatible with Radio's TrackBack implementation

A while back, Radio UserLand gained TrackBack support, so Radio users could send pings to other TB-enabled sites. I only recently tested to make sure this worked with the Topic Exchange, and, as things tend to when you don't test them, it didn't work.

I've fixed that now, so you can now put something like in the "URLs to ping" box under your title, link etc in Radio, and your post will show up on that Topic Exchange page fairly soon afterwards.

The technical reason why it wasn't working is that Radio checks for the existence of a chunk of RDF (auto-discovery RDF) in the target URL before sending a ping. Movable Type will happily send pings anywhere, trusting what you give it, but Radio is a bit pickier. It was actually a design decision not to include the RDF, as I figured that people wouldn't want to automatically send a ping to a Topic Exchange channel when just talking about it.

So, for all you Radio users who have been wanting to get into the Topic Exchange, now you can: just paste the URL of the channel you want to ping into your "URLs to ping" box and your post will be mirrored onto the Exchange!

Example: this post shows up here.