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subsHarmonizer interop update

Philip Miseldine and Andrew Pearson have updated their code; here are the current results. Philip's code now no longer accepts arrays (oops!) but generates the proper exceptions. Andrew's code is looking good, although still needs to either implement reset() or generate a fault 7 ...

server invalid login unknown method startup() -> array subscribe (string) (opt.) unsub. (string) (opt.) setup / subscribe (array) unsub. (array) reset() (opt.)
harvard fault 4 fault 7 yes yes yes yes yes fault 7
topicex. fault 4 fault 7 yes yes yes yes yes yes
miseldine fault 4 fault 7 yes fault 0 fault 0 yes yes fault 7
ghostc. fault 4 fault 7 yes yes yes yes yes blank HTTP response
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