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Happy first birthday to Salon Blogs

... and to Second p0st too, I guess ;-)

Scott Rosenberg writes about the state of Salon Blogs after one year. A year already!

I first heard about Salon Blogs via Rogers Cadenhead. He guessed (after an announcement by Dave Winer) that Salon was about to offer a blogging service in partnership with UserLand Software. Soon afterwards, the one true b!X found this test weblog on the domain.

Rogers blogged this. Having some experience with UserLand community servers, I took a look, and found that we were indeed looking at a Radio Community Server, and yes, it would let me create an account, and put up a big page that looked something like this:

Second p0st!

Jason Kottke noticed this pretty quickly, bringing several hundred visitors to the site with the comment "has the server been hacked already?". Heh.

Suddenly, the page disappeared behind a password prompt, so I wrote a script to let me update it a bit easier and started leaving messages for whoever knew the password. I got it to load its stylesheet off my own site, so I knew that someone was reading.

Eventually, the wraps came off, and I got a nice mention for my commentary on the new blogs that were popping up like mad on the first 'proper' day of operation.

And now, here we are. The script that started off as a way to leave messages to the unknown developers has become bzero. Rogers has moved off onto his own domain, but is still pretty active. I haven't touched the Python Community Server code for a long time, but Georg Bauer has been doing a great job there. My Blogging Ecosystem is coming up for an update Real Soon Now (click on the links in the green box on the right hand side to see the current state of things). Now, my main 'hobby project' is the Internet Topic Exchange. (Did you know you can use it to create a FOAF file?)

I wonder where we'll be this time next year ...
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