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Scott Johnson:

The First Casualty of Echo Has Arrived and it is Anyone Who Uses an Aggregator and Reads Mark (or uses Feedster)

I'm sure this is painfully obvious to everyone, but this is not a good-faith move by Mark to follow the spec (or at least the recommended way to do things).


  • dc:date elements for all dates
  • full text as well as excerpts
  • link elements to point to articles


  • no dates (not pubDate elements, as the spec recommends)
  • only excerpts
  • guid elements to point to articles

For more information, go through Mark's comments and read the ones by Rogers Cadenhead. (His server is down at the moment, so I can't quote them here).

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Peace in the syndication world

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Remotely stored subscription list

Dave Winer is prototyping a "Subscriptions Harmonizer" (discuss). It's basically a remotely-stored subscription list. When you subscribe to or unsubscribe from a feed, you send it a message, and you can query it at any time for your current subscription list. All your aggregators download the subscription list when they start up.

Simple, but it should work nicely. Now all we need is an equivalent for posts, so a number of blogging tools can keep themselves in sync ...
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