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Permalinks in RSS: store as 'guid' or 'link'?

Dave Winer wonders about permalinks in RSS. Should they go in the item-level <guid> or the <link> elements?

If you look at how Radio does it, it always puts the permalink in <guid>, and it puts it in <link> too if you don't specify another link when you make the post.

This way makes sense, although raises the possibility of breakage in future if you change URLs, as it results in post GUIDs changing, which isn't meant to happen. When I moved from to, all my permalinks changed, and my GUIDs along with them.

I guess an alternative way would be to have a global post registry that assigns GUIDs that you can use anywhere, so your GUIDs never change even if you move your blog around. But then we'd need a new place to put the permalink ...

<channel xmlns:pl="">


Update: Echo proposes including 'post-id'. Joe Gregorio suggets using a perma-link as well as a post-id that is "unique across space and time".
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