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FM Radio Station "Preview Edition" now available

From Stephen Dulaney on radio-dev:

Tonight we introduce FM Radio StationT, a desktop application
(windows only) that enhances the Radio experience by integrating
three applications: a news aggregator, blog publishing tool, and web
browser into a single, easy-to-use, unified experience.

-Integrated tabbed browser
-Enhanced writing surface with Spell Checker
-3-pane Outlook style news Aggregator

Please visit:

We think this is a wonderful new development for Radio users. Please
try it out and tell us what you think.

Please help us test the software and tell us how it can be improved.
We look forward to your feedback.

Thanks from all of us at SocialDynamX!
This app totally rocks. Go download it.

Google dance

Haha -- now that Blogger is part of Google, it gets to be #1 on Google for "blogging". Or at least it will be, after the current Google dance is finished. (See the results early).

Oh well. At least I'll still own "ecosystem" ;-)

Frontier DLLs

Something that might be useful in future, via radio-dev, from Matt Mower: how to make DLLs that work with Frontier (that's Radio).

According to$141 in order to make a Frontier compatible .DLL you have to:

  1. Include the header file FDllCall.h which is included with the ExtDLL SDK.
  2. Write the code needed to perform the operation or operations you want. This will include using the parameter information block described later as well as the Frontier callback routines.
  3. Create procedure entries in your resource file. These allow Frontier to validate how many parameters there are.
  4. Make entries in the definitions file. This allows Frontier to dynamically link to the module. (The use of the .DEF file varies with the build environment: check your compiler documentation for details.)