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RFC: Easiest way to set up a secure home weblog?

Thinking about setting up a quick and secure weblog to store notes and reminders at home. What's the easiest way?

A big constraint is that the only computers I have that run all day are a Linux box at home and a FreeBSD box on the other side of the world. So it has to run on UNIX. I want it to be totally web-accessible as well, so bzero is out.

Also, it has to support HTTPS, and some reasonably decent form of authentication. HTTP digest would be fine. IMHO that won't be susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks, even if I can't verify the HTTPS certificate. Can someone confirm this?

Roughly, the choices are Movable Type (Perl, CGI, data in dbm files) and [[b2]] (PHP, data in MySQL). I'm ruling out the popular combination of PyDS and PyCS because I don't want to run two extra Python processes on either server.

Movable Type is easier to get going, because I don't need to bother with the database. However, b2 keeps everything (viewing, editing, commenting) all in one place, which makes the security rules easier. I guess I could do that with a separate MT install, though.

More when I actually set this thing up.

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